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Lookinglass - Unicorn - Walkiria

Manage sales network, products and automation


Our mission is to be at the forefront of insurtech innovation by developing an advanced SaaS platform that empowers insurance businesses to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Our solution comprises THREE core components: Lookinglass, UNICORN and Walkiria, designed to deliver seamless integrations with sales channels and core insurance software.

What sets us apart is our proprietary multi-tenant SaaS infrastructure, fully cloud-based, and integrated with top-tier cloud services. This infrastructure enables us to quickly and efficiently add new business and operational features, including business intelligence, robotic process automation, data analysis, machine learning, and robust security measures.

We are committed to revolutionizing the insurance industry by providing a platform that is not only innovative but also resilient, inclusive, and customer-focused. Our goal is to transform the way insurance is delivered, making it smarter, faster, and more accessible for everyone involved. Our secret recipe lies in our relentless drive to innovate and our dedication to delivering exceptional value to our customers, ensuring they stay ahead in an ever-changing world.


We envision an insurtech future transformed by the relentless advance of automation and machine learning, creating a resilient, inclusive, and customer-centric ecosystem. With a pioneering spirit, we aim to revolutionize the insurance industry, breaking through the inertia of outdated processes and delivering innovative, adaptive solutions that empower every stakeholder.

In a world where data acquisition is seamless and ubiquitous, our insurtech products will lead the way, continuously learning, evolving, and self-optimizing for rapid deployment and exceptional efficiency. Our commitment is to provide a superior claims management experience that is frictionless, dramatically reduces fraud, and delights customers by resolving their problems swiftly and effectively, ultimately enhancing lives and peace of mind.

We work with a purpose: to redefine the future of insurance, making it smarter, faster, and more inclusive. Our mission drives us to innovate constantly, knowing that each breakthrough brings us closer to a world where insurance is not just a safety net but a service that truly serves. Every employee and founder is here to make a tangible impact, to be part of a journey that transforms an entire industry, and to deliver real value that improves lives. Together, we are building a future where our work doesn’t just follow the change—it creates it.